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  • Summer Jobs For Teenagers,Is It Too Late To Find A Good Summer Job?

    May 20, 2013 | Blog | admin
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  • It seems that each summer – around May – at least one article comes out painting a less-than-optimistic view for summer jobs for teenagers. This year is no exception. But should teens
    completely believe the statistics and the dire forecasts?

    Nope. And here’s why.

    Surveys and statistics

    The basis for a number of the articles is that Snagajob.com did a survey of 1,100 hiring managers
    recently. These managers are responsible for hiring summer help – and almost half of them do not
    anticipate hiring any summer help. The other half of the jobs will be filled largely by returning
    summer employees leaving about one-third of the positions for everyone else to fight over.

    Yikes! That seems pretty depressing – and defeating before you even get your first application handed

    But there are some things that surveys can’t tell you. And these could be the very things that are
    the most important in your summer job search.

    The Summer Teen Job Search: Get Creative

    The managers in the survey may very well hire at one of the places you would like to work this summer.

    But probably not all of them. Eleven hundred sounds like a lot. And it is a good survey number to
    get a general pulse of a trend. But it cannot cover every town or every employer – especially the
    smaller employers and seasonal businesses that may rely solely on summer help to get through the peak demands of the summer months.

    As with any job search, summer jobs for teenagers can be the easiest to find when you look in your own town and focus on some key areas.

    The local pool, water park or amusement park. These are seasonal businesses that are not even open during other times of the year. They have to hire seasonal help to staff their businesses. And while they may have a number of returning employees, there are always opportunities for new staff members.
    Landscaping and lawn care. Lots of people love to have a great lawn and landscaping but just cannot find the time to do it themselves. Lawn care businesses fit the bill. And the demand for their services increases dramatically when the final frost has come and gone. They may new customers throughout the season and continue to hire into summer.
    Gardening centers. Whether attached to a local Home Depot or Wal-Mart or as a nearby nursery, demand for these plant-it-yourself centers is highest in late spring but continues throughout the summer into the fall. Some even set up mini-locations that are temporary and have to completely staff that separate location.
    Local retailers that need summer “fill-in” help. Local (non-chain) stores are often overlooked by teens looking for summer jobs because of their size. But even these stores can need seasonal help – either due to increased demand or simply because the other employees are going on vacation. Having some qualified, dependable help to fill those gaps can be a win-win situation.
    The key is to get creative in your list of possible employers. Do not get fixated on that “perfect
    job” only to find that it just is not available. No job is so perfect that you give up on all other
    options. Of course, you should also not include employers on your list where you know you will not
    like the job. For example, do not include lawn care and garden centers if your allergies are going to
    kill you for the entire summer.

    Once you have the employers in line, get started applying. Remember that summer teen jobs may be
    seasonal or temporary, but that does not mean that they are really any different than other jobs when
    it comes to the basics of a job search process. Conduct your application process seriously. Go to
    employers with a resume in hand and dressed as if you were interviewing. You may land (or lose) a job with that initial impression – make it a good one. And if you do have an interview, be sure to
    follow-up with a handwritten thank you note. Yes, it still matters.