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  • Summer Jobs For Teenagers,Is It Too Late To Find A Good Summer Job?

    It seems that each summer - around May - at least one article comes out painting a less-than-optimistic view for summer jobs for teenagers. This year is no exception. But should teens completely believe the statistics and the dire forecasts? Nope. And here's why. Surveys and statistics The basis for a number of the articles is that Snagajob.com did a survey of 1,100 hiring managers [...]

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    Summer Job Hunting 101

    Sooner than later, the lines at your local fast food joints will be filled with more summer job seekers than hungry customers. Mallrats will be replaced by well-mannered students with résumés in hand. And your parents will begin a steady, annoying cadence that will only end when you've got a place to finally stamp your timecard: "Have you've found a job yet... Have you've found a job yet? [...]

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    Summer Jobs For Teens Are Hard to Find

    Summer jobs for teens are very difficult to find these days. With the economy being the way it is for adults, imagine how frustrating it can be for a sixteen or seventeen year old to find a job. If you know a teen that needs a job there are a few things that they can do to increase their chances of getting a job. · Fill out multiple applications online for your local grocery stores, Walmarts, [...]

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    Great Summer Jobs For Teens

    Spring is here, and with the coming of Spring the hearts of teenagers everywhere turn to the arrival of Summer, with its own expectations of fun with friends, trips, shopping, movies and ... a summer job. Much like the rites of passage ceremonies in primitive societies getting a summer job is an expected part of growing up. Because a job should be more than just a way to make money for a new [...]

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    When Is the Best Time to Travel to Ireland?

    In Ireland the weather we shall always have with us. And we would not have it any other way! We like to talk about the weather. It makes a nice ice breaker over that first cup of tea or pint of stout. We like to opine on its fineness or finiteness. Some people are under the impression that temperate climates don't have defined seasons but that isn't true. It may be more subtle but each month [...]

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